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The Real Spring Game Winner

So, who won the spring game? EVERYONE. The Old Gold & Blue and anyone who supports the Mountaineer program. Bright skies and perfect weather for the inaugural Neal Brown Spring game. It was everything that we thought it would be. We got to see the skill and moxy of the incoming transfer from Oklahoma, Austin Kendall. He completed 5 of 8 for 109 yards with a couple of scores. That included a 60 yard TD to “Lil Fufu” aka T.J. Simmons. But Simmons wasn't the only receiver to ball because the much heralded Sam Jams had quite a day totalling almost 100 yards. The redshirt freshman also caught a TD pass from Trey lowe who went 6-11 for 96 yards and a TD. Rounding out the QBs and the " Quarter Back" battle was Captain Jack (Jack Allison) who took a bit to settle in but ended with 11-24 and 112 yards. All in all it was a solid day at QB. The much maligned running game wasn't as explosive 32 Carrie's for 81 yards. Leddie Brown lead the way with 34 yards. The defense had some coverage breakdowns but the potential is definitely there. Newcomer Vandarious Cowen and Derek Pitts were the leaders in tackles with four apiece. Keith Washington and Jordan Adams both had picks for Vic Koeninngs Defense.

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Halftime is when the much anticipated jersey release was made. I, for one, like them. They really aren't much different than last years but I'm so glad they got rid of the black end caps on the shoulder pads and went with the jerseys being all one color. And the new Grey combos are really nice. It's the gold border to the blue numbers that really makes it pop without being too gaudy. The cherry on top was having Mountaineer Greats RaSHEEEEEED Marshall and Karl Joseph modeling the uniforms giving all 18,000+ fans in attendance something they have longed for (to see Rasheed and Joseph suit up one last time in a Mountaineer Uniform)

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It was such a good day, great crowd and buzz in the air. The New Era has begun and everyone who took them country roads to Morgantown on Saturday truly has embraced it. Hopefully Saturday was just a for glimpse of fun and success that is to come from our football program. Right now is the time to just sit back with excitement and enjoy it because April 13, 2019 was truly a " great day to be a Mountaineer" .

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