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Feb 6th was not just another winter day. It was a day of promise, hope and future dreams. Yes, it was National Signing day! Everyone paying close attention on their mobile devices to see which young men were gonna honor their pledge and which would act like gymnasts and flip. I'm not gonna lie, I was especially interested because of a 5 star behemoth from southern West Virginia. The staff made an all out push to get a kid from the one place in the “Mountain State” Mufasa would say "is not part of where the light touches"...a place which could be likened to that Elephant Graveyard that isn't part of the WVU kingdom. It didn't happen THIS year but I fully take Neal Brown at his word when he says we will keep in state kids at home. That being said, I've learned not to get overly excited about new guys coming into the fold. Not because they are not promising or exciting in the moment but bc UNTIL they actually put on the Old Gold and Blue and line up against an opposing team, it means nothin. I'm tired of being giddy and jubilant because we signed a player (like Tevita Finau or Steven Smothers) only to have them not even make it to town or actually play a down as a Mountaineer. It feels like a lot of wasted time and excitement for fans. It's like going through effort to make a quality home cooked meal:

The smell of it fills the home, watching it turn golden brown in the oven, heightening the senses, putting it on a tray with all the fixins...and then right before you get to the table you drop it all on the floor…. INFURIATING. DEFLATING. FRUSTRATING.

So now,I try to save my energy for the players that are actually making tackles, catching balls and swaying arm in arm singing Country Roads after a victory. Yes signing day can be great bc we as fans have an insatiable appetite for football but we just gotta keep it in its place.. keep some perspective and appreciate it for what it is. It's like eating Taco Bell. If you take it as "it is what it is" and don't allow yourself to think "this isnt real mexican food", you'll be ok. So it goes with signing day. I take my hat off for all the hard work the coaches do recruiting. I respect those who work so hard to cover it and keep us informed. At the end of the day I've adjusted my thinking to appreciate the kids that actually get on the field and reserve my excitement and judgement for the fall, not the winter.

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