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So It Begins

"Hey, you want a s'more?" " Some more what? I haven't had anything yet. So, how can I have some more of nothing?" "You're killing me, Smalls." This is such a great scene from The Sandlot movie and despite "Smalls" not knowing what a smore is he was right about the fact that you can’t have some more of something you haven't had yet. True, true, true...BUT even though the spring game is still just days away I feel like there is a new tradition already being built at WVU. Tradition where spring games are “can't miss.” Have u seen the videos of the players "PIPING IT UP" and having fun? Have you seen them putting in work while also having a home run derby at the end of practice? Coach Brown and his staff are really having fun with these players and our players are responding. We could talk about how big of a change the spring game was from last year to this year but the fact that we are actually having one is a complete change. ( add in fan day and 2019 will be 2 for 2 over the 2018 off season.) I haven't had the opportunity to attend a wvu spring game yet and some people may find that odd seeing as I'm a huge WVU fan. BUT I'll say “how am I suppose to view something as important if our very own coaching staff doesn't put importance on it?” It was so unimportant to them that we didn't even have one. So now that our new leader stresses we need to be there and it will be a great time and he wants to use this game annually as a recruiting tool... we gotta get there!!! I don't need to have ever experienced a spring game, ever, to know this one is gonna be fun. The #NewEra has begun and will debut for the public in less than a week. If you are a true Mountaineer who "bleeds Old Gold and Blue" you will make sure you’re there for the Gold and Blue Spring Game!

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