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Raspy Woman of the Week

And the winner of the week is... Tiffany Albright

shes a die hard WVU fan and knows more about WV sports than most people. She never misses a home game and lives in Gold & Blue. She also works the sidelines for IMG to provide great pics to several fans and players moms. you never hear a negative word come out of this girls mouth about these Mountaineers! And if she hears it from someone else LOOK OUT!

How do you eat your hotdog? Chili/Slaw

Favorite pepperoni roll? Hot Cheese

Favorite player? Pat White.... it all started in 2005 as I sat at an empty bar after halftime all the bandwagon fans had cleared out from Louisville game. That day I witnessed him come into the game and lead WVU in one of the most exciting comebacks I remember.

Favorite activity? besides the obvious ( watching all WVU sports) … As a mother, my biggest joy in life has been watching my son and all of West Virginias youth showcase their athletic talent

Favorite Place in WV? if your from West Virginia, theres no way to answer this question accurately.... West By God spoils us with an abundance of beauty! if I have to give 1 answer.... Id have to go with Dolly Sods.

Best advice given? Always keep an extra pair of jeans, tshirt and hoodie in the car. Don't be the chick showing up to the game wearing heels and a skirt... just dont

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