Raspy Woman of the Week

And the Raspy Woman of the week is...… Margaret (Nana) Feldmeier from Paden City, WV!!!

How has this West Virginia Woman impacted others? She was described as "the most loving selfless woman". Everyone calls her Nana and during the games she is the one who has ALL the snacks and is always happy to share with everyone around her. "Shes a great person but an even better Mountaineer" was one way she was described. She loves every WVU team and attends all football games and almost all basketball games as well. You can always find her in her Gold and Blue with her Flying WV lapel pin.

What does she eat on her hotdog? She doesn't eat hot dogs but she loves her bake potatoes!

How does she like her pepperoni rolls? she's not a huge meat fan BUT she make sure there are pepperoni rolls at her tailgate and will even be the one to sneak them in her bag for the games to share... (everyone always looks forward to Nanas snack bag)

Favorite WVU activity? Cheering on the Mountaineers! her and popa traveled to several different areas just to watch the mountaineers. They are die hard fans in and out!

Favorite WVU destination? She loves her hometown. it is the place where a lot of her friends and family are. You can find friends and family always at Nanas bc its such a great place for people to gather and the look on her face when everyone is home and together is indescribable. There is nowhere else shed rather be.

Best advice from this West Virginia Woman? Nothing specific but she's such a kind hearted person. (The person who nominated her went on to say that they wish to be like her when they are older)she invites anyone in with open arms even if they aren't Mountaineer Fans

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