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Raspy Woman of the Week 11/3

And the Raspy woman of the week is..... ANN KATHERINE LESLEY of Madisonville KY

She is the Raspy Woman of the week not just because she is a coaches wife, but because she is always rooting on the Mountaineers no matter the sport. Doesn't matter if its golf, soccer, woman's basketball, volleyball, etc. She supports it. Even though shes not from WV, shes bought into all things WVU!!!!


What do you like on your hotdogs? Ketchup

How do you like your pepperoni roll? Hot cheese

Whos your favorite player? All the defensive lineman, I always wanted a son, they are my boys

Favorite WV activity? Anything outdoors with Coach, it really is almost Heaven!

Favorite WV place? The Greenbrier

Best advice you've given? TRUST. THE. CLIMB

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