Raspy Woman of the Week 10/30

And the Raspy woman of the week...…. none other than Cynthia "CJ" Johnson from Memphis, TN

Yes she hails from Memphis but make no mistake about it CJ is a true and forever Mountain Mama. She was nominated by Brandon Lewis. CJ has done a lot of charity work for people in the state. Currently, she is helping to raise money for the family of the player who died on the field in Roan Co... that's just one thing she is doing. Brandon says " ive met people form all over the state and none of them, myself included have more love and pride in West Virginia than CJ does. She deserves some good for all she does!"

Now for the real questions

Hotdog: No clue lol

Pepperoni Roll: regular

Favorite Mountaineer: Jevon Carter

Favorite Activity: WVU Basketball

Favorite Destination: The Colosseum

Best Advice: "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready"

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