Raspy Woman of the Week

The Raspy Woman Wednesday is Chelsey Varne @cphilli33 who hails from Elkins, WV!!

She was nominated by her husband and she clearly couldnt be more worthy. When asked "How has this West Virginia Woman impacted your life and/or other West Virginians?" Listen to his answer: "Well she is my wife and we have been together 5.5 years. She has impacted my life in major ways making me a better person and better person in my community from helping to local festivals like forest festival. She is a pre school teacher and has been for 4-5 years and loves kids and makes a positive impact on our young youth in the community!" No question he appreciates you and so do we!

And what about the hard hitting question?!

What does she eat on a hot dog? Ketchup and chili

Hot cheese or regular Pepperoni Roll? Pepperjack

Favorite Mountaineer and why: Steve Slaton bc she loved him in college - or mike Gansey

Favorite WV activity? Prob tailgating for football games

Favorite WV Destination? I would say the bickles knob fire tower outside of Elkins.

Best WV Woman advice you've ever given or received? Oh boy, prob to never cheat and it’s never to early to drink a beer on gameday

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