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Glass Half Full

When's the last time we didn't dance? I'm talking about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, aka THE BIG DANCE. When's the last time we didn't make it at least to the NIT? 2012-13 season is the only time it has happened with a Bobby Huggins lead Mountaineer squad. Because of recent success it feels like it was much longer ago. Before that you have to go back to 2002 and 2003. We are used to our team marching into the tourney with a fairly high seed. Think about, the last four years:

5 seed in 2018

4 seed in 2017

3 seed in 2016

5 seed in 2015

So now here we are. This long, tough, injury riddled season is almost complete. Unless we win this Big XII tournament in Kansas City, we won't be going to the Big Dance or the NIT. But who knows, maybe I'm speaking to soon.. maybe just maybe we put together a true Cinderella story and take the Big XII tournament by storm. Maybe we've saved all of our momentum, team chemistry and best playing for this final string of games. Maybe we can win a game on the road ( though technically it's a "neutral site") Maybe......Who knows, crazier things have happened. Haley has turned a corner and McCabe seems to be more and more confident in running the offense with each game played. This team is actually starting to feel like a real team! It's a long shot and yes, I know this is all wishful thinking but as they say "that's why they play the games.”

I, along with Mountaineer Nation, hope we can pull this off. Honestly (as you already know) it probably won't happen. If it doesn’t, at least we can be pleased with the way we finished this season. We’ve shown resolve and toughness and it seems like finally the squad is coming together. We may not get the post season we want ( Huggy said we’ll play in the CBI if we don’t win the conference tournament or get invited to the NIT), but our young squad is growing each game. Remember, everything happening now, the game reps and the gelling, builds confidence and trust and that will pay off on the hardwood next year. So let these kids lace’em up and get after it because this is truly the start of next years redemption.

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