Fire Huggins

WVU drops their fifth in a row and now moves to 2-12 in conference play. The naysayers are getting louder and louder with each loss. "FIRE HUGGS", "Huggins is over the hill" and, my favorite, "If I were coach I'd have us winning by doing _________". Are these “Debbie Downers” serious?! Yes, it's been a bad year. Yes, it's hard to watch. And yes, we are all in our feelings. BUT fire Huggs????! Oh you mean the man who's won 854 games?! Where was this outrage last year? Oh yeah, it wasn't there because we were too busy going to a Sweet 16 ( I'll add, it would have been a lot further had we not been bested by the eventual National Champion.)

Every great coach has had their rough patch. Huggins has shown his ability to adjust. One example is when he transitioned into the “Press Virginia” era of our program. The last time we had a rough patch was a couple of years after the 2009-10 Final Four run. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 we went 19-14, 13-19 and 17-16, respectively. Had we given up on the future Hall Of Famer we would have never seen our squad post 25+ win seasons the next 4 consecutive years. We would have missed Huggs dancing into the Sweet 16 three out of the next four years.

This season has been rough but it baffles me that our fans, that typically love to make excuses, (EVERY FAN BASE DOES) don't point to the fact that this year has been DECIMATED... D-E-C-I-M-A-T-E-D BY INJURY! Sags, Beetle our leading players now Knapper... not to mention ESA and Harris being dismissed. If I would have told you before the season that not only were JC and Dax leaving but Sags and Beetle weren’t going to play a lot this year, I'm pretty sure we all would have expected a less than stellar year.

We're not happy, nor should we be. The players aren't happy. Huggs and the coaching staff aren't happy. So we all get it, we aren't use to these kinds of struggles. To rush to the "FIRE HUGGS" mantra is WAY too far. I asked coach Billy Hahn what he would do differently than Huggins this season. His answer "I would place my magic wond on Sags' knee and all over Beetle Boldens Body and make them not hurt". Sometimes (clearly) adjustments need to be made. Our Hall Of Fame coach has earned the right to be given time to make them. I believe in coach Huggins. Anyone who believes they can judge one season filled with major injuries and roster turnover as the deciding factor in his career is just a fanatic.....That said, I love the passion for the Old Gold & Blue.

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