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Cold, Ugly, Love

So much for global warming. Outside is as cold as West Virginia's shooting. It's winter time, so the weather is what it is. As for the basketball team... that's a different story. Usually during this time of year we'd be breaking down conference play, super excited about who's coming into the Coliseum and what road trips are upcoming. Think about it, around this time last year we were 16-6 and ranked #15 in the country. This year...yeah, not so much. Though I'm thoroughly happy we beat the “Cesspool To The North” and somehow upset the Kansas Jayhawks, yet again, and got a good win against the Sooners, this basketball season has been terrible...and its dragging me down with it. Every game I tune in thinking "well maybe if we", "if Huggs tries this", "you know who they need to play more" and so on and so forth.

Now we're all at a point where we realize there's nothing we can do. Even Huggins says " we just suck.” Lord knows if he's at this point we must be pretty terrible. Sure, we show flashes and play in halves with good teams but that's exactly what makes bad teams bad...NO CONSISTENCY OR DISCIPLINE! Yes, we've had some important injuries which is the cause of some of our failures. Yes, we have some bright spots(Culver). But 10-13? With only 3 wins over power 5 schools(pITT, Kansas and OU)? It's tough to stomach.

Don't get it twisted, I rep WVU all day and we have kids with talent that WILL be ready for next year! NEXT YEAR is not right now, so I'll watch the games but with no expectations or excitement. If we win it's a bonus. A “W” doesn't count as a "resume booster" anymore, we've passed that point. I'll continue to root for our boys, the Gold & Blue and the state bc I'm a Mountaineer till I die.... It just makes for a long rough winter when hope is gone by Feb 1st.

I HOPE it's the last of it's kind for a long while because truthfully, we haven't seen one like this in a bit. When single digit degree weather hits, your ball shooters don't and the second column on your record is the only thing heating up... it makes for a winter as cold in front of the TV as it is outside.

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