March is for Madness and it has begun! The Cinderellas, the Diaper Dandys, Super Sophmores playing right beside the blue bloods and senior laden teams. Our young guys proved they have some grit and toughness in the Big XII tournament. Handled business in the 1st round of the CBI. The CBI?? Yes the College Basketball Invitational...one of the MOST exclusive tournaments in existence! Has Kentucky ever been a participant in the CBI? Has Kansas? UNC? DUKE? UCLA? Nope but our Mountaineers are! And for all the years we got the shaft and were cheated out of a number 1 seed the CBI finally got it right!

Given this opportunity, WVU quickly dismissed their 1st opponent. Haley continued his great play of late going for 24 points. 4 Mountaineers were in double figures with Culver 3 points away from yet another double double. The Mountaineers also did what they do best and rebounded the ball, ending with a +13 edge over GCU. One down and we have Coastal Carolina next. Although Coastal isn’t a great team they have played well at times, losing to NCAA tournament team Wofford ( yes the Wofford team that just barely lost to Kentucky by 6) but just by 11. Coastal Carolina lead by head coach Cliff Ellis (841) and the Mountaineers lead by Bob Huggins (860) have combined for 1,701 career victories. Monday's game is set for 7pm from the Coliseum, and this is the first-ever meeting between the coaches and schools (per CBSsports.com) Ok, so this may not be the tournament we had envisioned our squad going to but hey, we are here now. Most of all we have been showing ( Big XII tourney) that we have that grit, that fight to outwork you that Huggins teams always have. When our backs were against the wall our young players showed their heart and gave us something to be excited about. When everyone counted them out they stood up and gave us something to cheer for and be proud of. Thankfully this year we will able to experience the joy of watching our young squad a little while longer. While also adding a months worth of extra practices. There’s nothing “bad” about that.

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