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Buy Me Some Peanuts And Cracker Jacks

Every year we always ask the same question after college football and basketball season ends "well, what do we pay attention to until September?" This year we have our answer, BASEBALL!!!!

Ok, so we came up a little short in Championship game but that shouldn’t detract from the amazing ride that we have enjoyed this year. Ever since coach Randy Mazey took over for long time WVU baseball coach Greg Van Zant in 2012 it's like you could feel the new energy in the program. No, Mazey's arrival wasn't as heralded as Neal Browns but it looks like it may have been just as significant. Mazey had been successful at all of his stops prior to WVU, from Charleston Southern to East Carolina all the way until we plucked him from TCU. Immediately upon his arrival in Morgantown you could feel a new air in the program.. a spark. There was "POTENTIAL" that couldn't be ignored and luckily for us that potential is being realized! This baseball season has been fantastic! When is the last time you've been this dialed in to what's happening on the baseball diamond in Morgantown?! Hes done it the right way by building the right coaching staff and inculcating the discipline for fundamentals within his team. You watch them play and you can see the confidence and chemistry.. the trust for each other. Fortunately for us even with the loss In the Big XII championship game, there is still more season left ( hopefully a lot more). Starting with WVU hosting a regional in the NCAA tourney, which hasn't been done in a very long time. The excitement is here and we are all on the bandwagon that hopefully leads to Omaha, which is where the College Baseball World Series is held. Do we have a chance? For those of us that are really just getting into college baseball it's hard to know for sure. But with a team that is top 15 in the country, has amazing chemistry, great pitching, solid defense... anything can happen. One thing is for sure, we will all be watching and appreciating yet another WVU sport that we can really get behind and support.

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