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Box of Chocolates

“Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.” No words could be truer when talking about the NFL Draft. As we sat for 3 days taking in all the picks on the edge of our seats, who really knew where any of our Mountaineer players would go? There we all kinds of so called experts and mock drafts that tried to predict and project landing spots but the truth is no one REALLY knew. Every single time the Patriots or Broncos picked I had had my twitter feed primed and ready to drop the " oh I'm so happy" or a " C'mon not there" when the Lions or Bengals selected. But when the time came I was unprepared for the eventual landing spot of our first pick, Will Grier, being selected by the Carolina Panthers. It took 99, watching 99 picks, to eventually get there but it happened with that 100th selection. Thats when the dominoes started to fall with Mountaineers coming off the board with more regularity. The New England Patriots made it back to back in the 3rd round when they picked Cajuste at No. 101. Gary Jennings and Trevon Wesco came off the board in the fourth round with Jennings going to Seattle and Wesco becoming a Jet. The final Gold and Blue player to hear his name called was David Long who found a home in Nashville and will be a Titan.

I personally didn't envision some of the spots our players landed. Like that box of chocolates, sometimes you don't know what your biting into. But I was happily surprised with the destinations. Giving it a few seconds to sink in, I like Will going to the Panthers. I feel like every few years they make a run and have good ownership. In Charlotte he will be back home and have an opportunity to sit and learn without being rushed into competition. Wesco going to Jets is a nice fit. A run oriented offense with a young strong armed QB in Sam Darnold and one of the league's best running backs in Le'veon Bell. What can you say about the Patriots and Seahawks organizations except that they are first class. With a big strong and gritty receiver like Jennings being in Seattle I can see him being a great role receiver like a Mohamed Sanu.

Nobody's journey seems more like a box of chocolates then the only undrafted player that seemed he would be selected, David Sills. His roller coaster career, from ( as we alll know) committing to USC at 13, coming to wvu then transferring out to try his hand at QB then transferring back at wr. Then setting the country on fire and almost bringing home the Biletnikoff award as the best receiver in the country ONLY to go undrafted?! WAIT WHAT? It's like biting into that chocolate that looks soooo good with sprinkles only to realize its filled with what taste like toothpaste.

The simile of a box of chocolates is so perfect because life is full of surprises; you never know what will happen next. The thing about that box of chocolates how many of you have just quit eating the remainder in the box just because you hit one that was really terrible or one that was amazing for that matter? For our Mountaineer players this is just their first bite in hopefully long careers. There are more chocolates to eat and we all hope that the rest of the box will be filled with what each one of our players need.

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